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Asset token is creating a completely new ecosystem Where people can do digital trade from all over the world with a low transaction fee enabling a highly liberating, strategic, low-risk, and seamless trading experience in a truly decentralized way. 

Asset token is not only an emerging platform which will have its own blockchain but also has features of
transparency and Staking which we believe is crucial for the long-term feasibility and decentralization. Asset
token is a community-oriented currency that provides rewards for holders through redistribution. Community members are also involved in decision making to make them feel true ownership of their assets.

It will increase the efficiency and availability of cryptocurrency to everyone, Asset token will create an
advanced economic infrastructure consisting of wallet and exchange integration in its system. Asset will
integrate with their partners of social media and dating apps to find perfect match for dating and enjoy your time on social media platform.


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5% Liquidity

Four Percentage Of Every Transaction Is Transformed Into Liquidity For Pancakeswap. It Is Automatic And Helps Create A Price Floor (Stability).

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3% Charity

3% Of Each Transaction Goes Directly Into Marketing Wallet of Charity.

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3% Redistribution

Three Percentage Of Each Transaction Will Be Redistributed To Holders, Giving Long Term Holders A Permanent Growth Of Tokens In Their Wallet.

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3% Token Burn

Six Percentage Of Each Transaction Will Be Redistributed To Holders, Giving Long Term Holders A Permanent Growth Of Tokens In Their Wallet.

Our Roadmap

Here is our Roadmap showing our current progress and future plans for development.

Asset token Staking and its Benefits

No hardware is required

Unlike proof of work, there is no
need of a specific equipment or
hardware for crypto holding. Proof
of stake works with no equipment
requirements. The only
requirement is to hold the coin for
an interval of time by the holders
on any exchange.

Passive Income

Stakeholders earn
incentives by holding andhome home image028
controlling their digital
wealth. Passive income for
the beneficiary is the
the reward of holding.


In the Blockchain world, scalability is a concept that is often used. It refers to a computational process potential to be used or generated in a variability of ways. Proof of stake protocols, as shown by Asset token higher transaction outputs and lower fees, make for greater scalability.


 One of the major
benefits for holdinghome home image027
the coin is that it removes
the need for
purchasing expensive
hardware and
consuming energy.


Proof of stake blockchains are always inexpensive
and less energy-consuming platforms with no
particular and expensive hardware requirements.
Unlike proof of work chains, PoS is more costeffective and eco-friendly. So, the stakers can earn
more passive income by using Asset platform.


The biggest issue in the modern worldcastle, security, locked-1083570.jpg home home castle security locked 1083570
is security and privacy, and Asset
token provides a swift and stable
a portal that is backed by the Asset
token ecosystem making him superior
to others. Asset token is offering a
highly secure and fast platform to the
users for holding crypto.


Our mission is to “Assetcoin token to New Heights”
by offering investors an innovative, user friendly,
Entertainment token to give every person in the
world an equal chance to manage and improve their
financial security. Our Mission is to


Decentralization: Instead of relying on a single trusted entity, trust is spread across multiple or all participants, depending on the agreed upon consensus algorithm. This does not only mean that multiple copies of a data item are stored on all nodes, but also that the integrity of the data i governed by many decentralized parties.

Immutability: Once data is committed to the blockchain and a sufficient number of
participants have agreed on this state, the information is stored permanently and
immutably. Changing the information contained in a particular block would require to
also change all the following blocks up to the last block, which is considered to be

Scalability: In order to check the integrity of the blockchain, a new node needs to download a copy and validate the integrity of the entire chain.

Transparency: For far too long, cryptocurrency projects have gotten away with
unscrupulous tactics and secret development teams. With crystal defined objectives, a face for each member of our fantastic and ever-growing staff, and trackable accounts
displaying what our blockchain is transparent.

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The Asset wallet version is supported on both Android and iOS. The wallet is highly focused on enabling users to manage their tokens and interact with the ecosystem. The private keys for the wallet are stored on the user’s device and are secured through Secure Enclave and biometric authentication technology.

Here are some of the important features of

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  • 5th

Easy to use. It’s just like any other
software or wallet that you use for your
day-to-day transactions.

Highly secure. It is just a matter of
securing your private key.

Allows instant transactions across
geographies. And these are barrier-free,
without intermediaries.

Low transaction fees. The cost of
transferring funds is much lower than
with traditional banks.

Allows transactions across multiple
cryptocurrencies. This helps you do easy
currency conversions.

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